About The Bold Look

6721 NW 36th Avenue
Miami, FL 33147
(305) 687 8725

Not Just Different… Better!!!

The Bold Look came into existence in 1993 to fulfill the growing demand for custom team uniforms and custom belts. Along the way we have evolved into one of the most diverse Martial Arts suppliers. We offer everything from stock belts, uniforms, trophies, patches, screen printing, embroidery and training weapons.

Our real success however has been making it possible for anyone, regardless of the size of the school to brand their own products. We understand that not everyone has hundreds of students or multiple schools. Because we’re family owned we remember what is what like just starting out with no customers and no business. That’s why you can call us and order one custom belt, uniform or even an equipment bag if you need. This model has lead to long term relationships as well as the joy of seeing our customers grow and live their dreams.

Since The Bold Look opened, our family has been have devoted making it possible for schools of all sizes to brand their product and is committed to your satisfaction. While the look of our company is changing and our product line is expanding and improving, our commitment to serving you remains unchanged. We truly appreciate your business and will continue to work hard to earn your trust by offering the best quality products, pricing, and one-on-one customer service.

The Bold Look
Not Just Different… Better!!!